Corn thresher

Product HS code for import custom use: 84335200

Introduction and Description

Thresher is usually used in first step of processing harvested grains with purpose of separating the crop particles and stems before other processing procedures.

The Corn Thresher we recommended here is a Roller type full feeding axial flow multifunctional machine powered by Electric motor or Gasoline engine. It is consisted of 3 working systems as threshing, selecting and separating, with which the threshing corn leaves and stalks can be completely put into the threshing unit to guarantee a good continuance of production, a high working efficiency and extremely small losses.


For processing fully-dried, semi-dried or fresh corn with peeled function. With its’ advantages of small size and light weight, it’s an easy movable model with easy installation and operation.


CTE-400 Size 550×550×920 mm
Material 1.6 mm steel sheet
Weight 42 kgs
Spindle Speed 1400 rpm
Roller width 450 mm
Broken rate Max. 0.1%
Threshing rate 99% for dry corn
95% for fresh corn
Working capacity 500 kgs/h for corn with leaves,
1500~2000 kgs/h for dry corn
CT-400 Corn Tresher without power source Power request 2.2KW

For power source supporting, electric motor or gasline engine would be easy connecting

  • CTE-400
    Corn thresher + Electric motor
  • CTG-400
    Corn thresher + Gasoline engine

Working Principle:

During the machine operation, a proper quantity of corn (with or without leaves and stalks) could be constantly fed into the threshing entrance, after the high-speed rotation of rolling stick teeth and the joint action together with the guiding plate, the corn kernels will be easily separated from the corncobs. Then, corn kernel goes through the sieve holes and comes out, corncob goes to the back exit and the impurity will be blown out by inner exhaust fan.