Electrical Horizontal Grinder Mixer

Product HS code for import custom use: 84361000

Introduction and Description

HGM series of Feed processing machine is a new type of horizontal grinder mixer, which is widely used in feed, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, paint and other industries for making powder materials in size 40mesh and up. it is consisted of a hammer crusher, a horizontal mixer, two Auto. Feeders, an electricity box and machine frameworks.

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  1. Made by strong steel sheet in fine workmanship, good sealing technique, without powder leakage.
  2. Grounded grinder reduces a lot the machine shaking and to enable a more efficiency of raw materials feeding in.
  3. Equippd with China top 10 electric motor with 100% copper wire.
  4. Transmission system is in chain system ( belting leather + gear reducer ) but not axe system, this could protect the motor not to be destroyed by overloaded start due to electricity break. With chain system, the machine could be in a very strong starting power with a fine protection to the motor and the gear reducer by the leather belt.


  1. Gear reducer
  2. Electric box
  3. Mixer motor
  4. Horizontal mixer
  5. Electric grinder
  6. Screw lifter φ14cm ; 2.5m
  7. Vertical screw lifter φ16cm ; 3.5m
  8. Dust bags
  9. Connecting piping
  10. Additives feeder
  11. Manual valve outlet

Processing procedure:

  1. Put in hopper of "F" the raw materials needs to be grinded.
  2. By "F" the raw materials will be transferred into "E" for grinding.
  3. The grinded materials come to the bottom of "G" and in the same time, if any additive, put in "J".
  4. By "G" the grinded materials and additives go into "D".
  5. After mixing, the materials come out from "K".

With an advanced single helical ribbon and paddle blades blender structure, we could easily achieve high uniformity of mixed material without missing any corner in the Mixing tank. By adopting the unique sealing technology in Spindle end and the Feed outlet door, there is ZERO leakage during the whole production.

In the past, during the mixing process we usually have a problem that, the high density materials or the high specific gravity materials are always sunk to the bottom of the mixer tank to enable an invalid mixing, now we can say, the problem was fully solved.

Machine group Height and Occupy area:

machine group height 3.231mmachine group occupy 3.427×3.622 m²


As we know, the sophisticated processing equipment is the basis of high quality products, hence our manufacturing department invests a lot of money every year for technology and hardware upgrading. So far we have high-precision laser cutting machines, welding robots, CNC lathes and CNC shears for high quality machine production.

Laser Cutting machineWelding robot

Technical Data

Technical Data HGM-250 HGM-500 HGM-1000
Max. processing capacity 250 kgs / batch 500 kgs / batch 1000 kgs / batch
Time for batch processing (for chicken feed) 1 hour (starting from raw materials feeding in till the processed feed comes out)
Power supply 380 V
Central Control Electric box Including breaker and step-down starting device
Spindle speed of grinder 2950 rpm
Hammer Grinder power 7.5 kw 7.5 kw 11 kw
Mixer power 4 kw 7.5 kw 11 kw
Auto. Feeder (screw lifter) power 2.2 kw × 2
Auto. Feeder Size Φ140mm × 3000mm length
Hammer piece quantity #40; 16 pcs #50; 20 pcs #60; 24 pcs
Crushed particle size 0.8 ~ 12 mm
Sieve description 130 × 1510 mm 140 × 1710 mm 140 × 1710 mm
Spindle speed of Mixer 25 rpm
Mixing uniformity Min. 95%
Machine main material Steel sheet in thickness 4mm Steel sheet in thickness 6mm Steel sheet in thickness 6mm
Machine weight 450 kgs 700 kgs 1100 kgs
Machine size 2360×1360×1100 mm 3220×1040×1460 mm 3400×1100×1900 mm

Details of Components:

blender system High performance gear reducer Steel Sieve in different size. Using life: 1 year.
Grinder hammer piece: 12pcs / set


  1. The workshop flooring foundation should be solid, flat and plain and strong enough.
  2. Make sure that all the fasteners are well stated in safe and strong position, all the moving parts are rotating flexible and in smooth operation.
  3. All the motors and reducer are regularly greased following to the using guidance.
  4. After installation, please make sure that all components are set up properly, especially the Motor direction, a wrong Motor direction will cause big problem.


  1. Each time before exact start of grinding and mixing, please make the machine in empty running to make sure that every part of the machine are in good conditions.
  2. Metal piece, stone piece or any other hard materials are not allowed to mix in the grinding materials or Mixing materials, otherwise the machine components will be destroyed.
  3. Please always start the mixer when the tank body is 80% full or at least the materials level is higher than the mixer spindle.
  4. By adjusting the bearing chambers on both side tank body, the gap from the mixer tank wall to the outside of ribbon blender could be changed between 0~5mm, this is to meet the different requirement of processing materials. After adjustment, please don’t forget to make the machine in empty running before an exact use.
  5. Any hand touching or wooden / metal stick moving inside the Materials entrances or Tank body is FORBIDDEN.


  1. Machine bearings are requested to be cleaned and greased after using 60 days. We suggest you to choose Kea grease ZG-3.
  2. Gearbox requests a grease replacement after using 15 days, then you need to replace again every 60 to 90 days after continue working.