Portable electric sewing machine Model GK9-8

Product HS code for import custom use: 84522110

Introduction and Description

Portable sewing machine is specialized in sewing various kinds of bag made by woven propylene \ textile \ sack \ canvas \ nylon \ craft paper which are filled full with grain, sugar, salt, herbs, chemicals, metal powder, ore powder and other items. With the advantages of durable use, firm sewing, beautiful stitches and convenient unpacking, the machine is widely used in factories and warehouses for product packaging.

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Technical Data:

Single chain stitch
Power supply 220V/110V; 50-60Hz
Motor power 100W
Spindle speed 9000 rpm
Adjustable stitch length 6-8 mm
Suture size 2x3 shares Sewing thread
Maximum sewing thickness 6 mm
Machine size 270x160x330 mm
N.W./G.W. 3.8 kgs / 4.5 kgs

Parts' Detail

  • A. Electric Motor
  • B. Date of Manufacture
  • C. Lubricating oil filling hole on top
  • D. LOGO marking on motor shell


Portable Sewing machine Gk9-8 is designed in a compact structure with Cast aluminum alloy shell, which makes the machine a durable use, a small weight and an easy operation. By using the universal sizes screws and nuts, the sewing machine is easily to be maintained in everywhere of the world.

Easy consumable Spare parts in Extra cost:

180g Sewing thread with core
- Pure white color
- Corrosion resistance
- Aging resistance
- Superior tensile
- Zero breakage by hand pull
- Packing: 60rolls/carton
Crochet needle
GK9x230 Sewing needle:
- 100% steel made
- Super wear – resistant
- No breakage
- Packing: 10pcs/box
Dent d'alimentation
Start Switch and
Protecting cover
Sewing machine engine oil
- Pure white oil
- 500ml/0.4kg/bottle
- Free oiler
- No expiry
- Suitable for any machine equipment including bicycle, fans, locks, scissors…etc.
- Packing: 20 bottles/carton


  1. 1. A power supply of 220~240V is requested for using the Sewing machine.
  2. 2. For safety reason, rubber shoes and gloves are required when using in a wet place.
  3. 3. Engine oil is not allowed to come into the motor during the time of using.
  4. 4. Replace the Electric motor brush and cable wire cover in case they are in abrasion.
  5. 5. Please stop using the machine when the Environmental humidity is 85% and up.