Manual/Electrical Winnowing Machine

Product HS code for import custom use: 84378000

Introduction and Description

Winnowing machine is also named in Corn cleaning machine mainly used in the final step of grain processing in purpose of removing the impurities by the machine inner blower. Through the wind speed controlled by the continuously variable regulator, the machine can be used for efficient sorting and winnowing of different crops such as rice, corn, wheat, sorghum, millet, rapeseed, seeds, soy and coffee bean no matter they are in full granules or defective granules (for example deflated, moth-eaten, mildew change etc.) or mixed with impurities such as rods, leaves and bran etc. Also it’s very good in soring and removing impurities from tea, tobacco rod leaves or medicinal materials.

Model W1200 can be manually operated or run by electricity, it is in steel body with spray-painting surface and a removable modular compact structure. With the small weight and the easy operation, the winnowing machine is widely used in feed processing, food processing, crop sorting and brewing industries. When using in rural areas without electricity supply, the machine could work in cranked way.


CTE-400 Model Number W1200
Main materials Steel made
Voltage 220 V
Electric motor Continuously variable motor 50~250W
Regulator speed 80-1250R/min
Working capacity 1000kgs/h for rice and wheat, or 2000kgs/h for corn
Size 1060×950×450 mm
Weight (NW/GW) 19/21 kg
Packing Export standard carton, 1pc/carton
W1200 Manual/Electrical Winnowing Machine Loading 60sets/20’FCL, 120sets/40’FCL


  1. 1. Do not use the machine in rainy days by electrical operation or in uncertain electricity supply situation.
  2. 2. Do not hand in the machine when it’s running.

Installation guide from Electric type to Manual type:

1. Remove the Original setting of Electric motor and the motor cover. 2. Tightening the screws before installation of hand pulley. 3. Installing the stand shelf with tightening the screws.
4. Put the Hand pulley (as picture shown) on the pulley base and install properly the belt #880 (880mm length) with tightening the screws. 5. Manual operation is ready.

Packing details