Electrical Mincer

Product HS code for import custom use: 84385000

Introduction and Description

Electric Mincer also named as Meat Grinder, it is a meat processing equipment widely used in hotels, restaurants, canteens, meat stalls and food processing plants. With our high efficient machines, the meat processing works become so easy by electric motor driven rotary blades.

Depending on different tastes requirement, users could make meat processing by different pore size sieve 6mm/8mm. The processed meat could be used as dumplings, stuffing buns, meatballs and meat juices etc.


  • Seamlessly stainless steel made machine body, 0% risk to get coating scratch.
  • 100% copper coiled electric motor, which is in 20% higher efficiency than Alum. Coiled motor.
  • Easy cleaning design makes the dissembling and cleaning of the main components very easy, such as tees, meat plate, screw bar, blade and sieve.
  • Simple and compact design makes it an easy operation with one key start mode.
  • Wide range of use in both meat processing and non-staple food processing such as beans, pepper, garlic etc.
  • Rated Voltage could be customized produced in 110V or 220V.

----- Desktop Mincer JR-12 and JR-22

Model JR-12 JR-12A JR-22 JR-22A
Material Grinding part in chromed cast iron 100% stainless steel Grinding part in chromed cast iron 100% stainless steel
Rated Voltage 220V/50Hz
Rated Power 800 W 1100 W
Size 370×250×330 mm 495×280×410 mm
Unit Weight NW: 17kgs / GW: 18kgs NW: 26kgs / GW: 28kgs
Working capacity 120 kgs/h 220 kgs/h

----- Desktop Mincer JR-32

Model JR-32 JR-32A
Material Grinding part in chromed cast iron 100% stainless steel
Rated Voltage 220V / 50Hz
Rated Power 1100 W
Size 495×280×410 mm
Unit Weight NW: 26kgs / GW: 28kgs
Working capacity 220 kgs/h

----- Desktop Mincer JR-42

Model JR-42
Material 100% stainless steel
Rated Voltage 380V / 50Hz
Rated Power 1500 W
Size 880×450×680 mm
Unit Weight NW: 78 kgs / GW: 100 kgs
Working capacity 600 kgs/h

----- Meat slicing and grinding machine JQ-400

Using guidance:

  • Please clean the machine by warm water before use but don’t get wet the motor.
  • When using the slicing function, please check first the blade rotation by starting the motor and make sure the blade direction is correct.
  • Every time after using the machine, please cut off the power and remove the detachable parts and clean them by warm water. You could run the empty machine for water throwing dry after re-installation of all the cleaned parts and protect the machine surface by applying a layer of edible oil.
  • Please always tightening the machine cover when running the mincer function. To avoid the blade being jammed, better to cut the meat for processing in reasonable size.
  • Bone-in meat cannot be processed by this machine, otherwise the cutting knife will be damaged.
  • The machine can also be used to cut pickled turnips, radish and other foods without bone or shelled.
Model JQ-400
Material Grinding part in chromed cast iron
Rated Voltage 220V / 50Hz (380V is available upon request)
Rated Power 1100 W
Spindle speed Slice cutting: 380 rpm
Minced function: 200 rpm
Size 530*550*780mm
Unit Weight 63 kgs
Working capacity 400 kgs/h