Diesel Engine Grinding Machine

Product HS code for import custom use: 84378000

Introduction and Description

This is a Diesel Engine Grinding Machine widely used in West Africa due to its easy running and superior performance in Grain and Feed processing works. It is named as “Crushing King” in hammer type crushing which can be used for processing materials in different form for example:

  • A. Granules or flakes feed such as: rice husks, peanut shells, shell beans, blighted grain etc.
  • B. Stalks-like animal feed such as: corn stalks, sorghum stalks, straw, peanut vine etc.
  • C. Block rod feed such as: cassava, Candied Sweet Potato slices, oil bran cake etc.
  • D. Staple food processing such as: wheat, sorghum, corn, rice etc.
  • E. Other processing such as: herbs, foam, etc.
  • F. Special features such as the beans, rice, corn pulping.

Grinding DEMO

Machine Structure

The machine is mainly consists of 3 different sections including Feed hoppers, Grinding device and powder discharge sections. More details are as below:

  • There are 2 feed hoppers equipped in the Grinding machine, the round one is good for getting batch quantity of grain/feed transferred by screw lifter while the dustpan-shaped hopper is good for hand feeding the raw materials. In the entrance of the dustpan-shaped hopper there is a removable baffle for big size materials to come in the grinder.
  • Grinding device is the main part of the machine includes machine cover, hammer pieces set, sieves and adjust screw system.
  • Powder discharge section includes exhaust fan, air pipes and a cloth bag (made by user ownself) covering the exit is mainly for dust collection.

Working principle and processes:

After coming into the crushing chamber through Grinding entrance, the materials was hammered by high-speed hammer pieces and impacted with the fixed tooth plate during splashing inside the crushing chamber, step by step it becomes powder by friction and gradually crushing. The powder form materials in smaller size than the sieve hole will be sucked out by exhaust fan and goes to the bag collector.

Main description

Model No. 9FQ-25
Working capacity 200 kgs/h Min.
Spindle speed 5000 rpm
Power requirement 2.2~4 KW
Mesh hole for sieve choice 0.8/1.0/1.2/1.4 mm
Net weight 110 kgs
Machine size 480×350×460 mm

Supporting power

Model Number R175A
Bore Stroke 75×80 mm
The displacement of Piston 0.353 L
Power supply 4.85 KW ; 2600 rpm
Diesel tank capacity 5 L
Net Weight 65kgs max.


  • The machine should be operated only by the people whom familiar with the machine performance and in good knowledge of machine safety operation, maintenance and repair.
  • Before using, please make sure the machine was well grounded.
  • Before starting, please make sure the belt system cover was well installed. Please check carefully all the machine movement parts to ensure all are well fixed and are effectively limited.
  • The operator shall remain at work in the operation of the machine and prevent other unrelated persons close to the machine.
  • It’s 100% prohibited to do any cleaning, maintenance or repair if the machine is not completely stopped.
  • To avoid any damage of the machine components, please remove any stones, iron, nails and other hard objects mixed in the materials ready to be processed.
  • It’s prohibited to make self- restructuring of the machine, as it will lead to machine damage or working reliability reduction. The worst is, it might cause damage for machine operator.


  1. 1. Make regularly check on all the fastening parts and belts to avoid any loose or damaged.
  2. 2. Hammer pieces and sieves should be changed once they are heavily damaged.
  3. 3. Normally each 6 months all the bearing should be cleaned and make oiling.
  4. 4. If the machine will be stopped for a long time, please clean the machine and cover it for storage in a dry cool place.