Cube Ice Maker

Product HS code for import custom use: 84186990

Introduction and Description

----- 25KGS/24H Cube ice (manual water input)

USD 225 per set EXW China

Model HZB-20F Refrigerant R134a / 85g
Daily working capacity 25 kgs / 24h N.W. 12.2kgs
Ice storage capacity 1.3kgs Rated Voltage 220V/50Hz
Ice producing time 10~15 min. per time Ice quantity 24 pcs / time
Machine dimension 287×375×358 mm Package dimension 300×388×375 mm
Rated Power 130W Container loading 668pcs(20’FCL)/1520pcs(40’HQ)


  1. Smart chip control machine with one key turn-on. The power consumption is 2.4KWH per 24 hours.
  2. Ice cubes size 22*22cm made by Cyclic water flowing method.
  3. Water input, full ice and machine on/off are displayed clearly by LED indicator light. Electricity automatically cut off when water off.
  4. Ice forming grid made by nickel-plated brass is in producing quantity of 24 pcs each time.
  5. With cold-plated steel sheet base to allow the machine a durable use and long life.
  6. Working with an ultra-quiet compressor, the ice machine runs without any effect to people’s sleep.
  7. The machines are with CE, UL and GE approval.

----- 130KGS/24H Cube ice

USD 350/400/520 per set EXW China

Model HZB-50 HZB-60 HZB-80
Daily working capacity 55 kgs / 24h 68 kgs / 24h 80 kgs / 24h
Cube ice quantity 36 pcs/time 45 pcs/time 66 pcs/time
Ice storage capacity 15 kgs 15 kgs 15 kgs
Machine dimension 448×400×793 mm 448×400×793 mm 448×400×793 mm
Rated Power 460 W 670 W 710 W
Refrigeran R22/R134a R22/R134a R22/R134a
Gross Weight 30kgs 33kgs 35kgs
Rated Voltage 220V~240V / 50Hz 220V~240V / 50Hz 220V~240V / 50Hz
Package dimension 500×460×850 mm 500×460×850 mm 500×460×850 mm
Container loading quantity 140pcs(20’FCL) 320pcs(40’HQ) 140pcs(20’FCL) 320pcs(40’HQ) 140pcs(20’FCL) 320pcs(40’HQ)


  1. Smart type Commercial ice machine with one key start control.
  2. With time reservation, the ice making process could be controlled accurately to Seconds.
  3. Automatic cleaning function could be pre-setting for machine tank cleaning to allow the cube ice more clear and crystal.
  4. Ice producing time is 12~18min. of each with time countdown display function.
  5. The working processes are clearly indicated by the working lights, you could master every job easily.
  6. Connecting directly with the water source, the water input is completely automat.

----- 25KGS/24H Cube ice

USD 988 per set EXW China

Model SH 280B Refrigerant R22/R134a
Daily working capacity 130 kgs / 24h N.W. 53 kgs
Ice storage capacity 60 kgs Rated Voltage 220V / 50Hz
Machine dimension 600×650×940 mm Package dimension 742×675×1038 mm
Rated Power 890W Container loading 80pcs(20’FCL)/162pcs (40’HQ)


  1. SH280B means an exact production weight 280 Pounds = 130KG (1P=0.45359237KG).
  2. The ice machine stops working automatically once the storage bin is full of cube ice. With the big capacity of ice storage weight up to 60KG, you could enjoy your days without caring about the ice supply.
  3. Produced by the American standard food-grade PC material, the ice storage bin is safe and healthy. With the superior insulation function, the maximum time for cube ice storage is nearly three days.
  4. Bearing weight up to 100KG, the ice machine could be spliced with working table to help the users saving space, decoration materials and money.