Screw Extrusion Oil Press

Product HS code for import custom use: 84792000

Introduction and Description

Screw extrusion oil press is mainly used in small and medium workshop for getting crude oil from peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, walnut, cottonseeds and cashew nuts etc.

----- Economic type

Electrical Extrusion Oil Press (with self-heating device)

Model No. X95-10 X130
Motor capacity 7.5 KW 18.5 KW
Working capacity 3~4.5 MT / 24h 10 MT / 24h
Dimension 1650×900×1320 mm 1950×1050×1800 mm
Weight 530 kgs/set 900 kgs/set


  1. Economic price & Easy operation.
  2. Non-stop working in 24hours with continuous material feeding available.
  3. Strong power press available for all materials without shell.

----- Complex type

Electrical Extrusion and Filtration Oil Press

Model No. EFP-130
Motor Capacity 22 KW
Working capacity 10MT/24Hours (With Self-heating device)
Dimension 1900×1050×1600 mm (including the top feed hopper)
Weight 1400 kgs/set


  1. With oil filtering device, the processed oil could be used for direct human consumption.
  2. Strong power press available for all materials without shell.
  3. Producing edible oil and seed cake in a same machine.

Optional Devices for Oil Press

Name Screw Lifter
Material Steel made with spray-painting surface
Motor capacity 2.2KW
Transferring tub size Length 2.5 meters  ⁄  Φ160 mm
CTE-400 Material Steel made body with spray-painting
Temperature control With temperature controller in highest temperature 200°C
Size 1300×1000×1500 MM
Weight 550 KGS
Motor 16 KW
Model No. RMM-80 RME-80
Heating type electromagnetic heating electric heating
Processing capacity 5 MT / 24Hours 3 MT / 24Hours
Roasting Machine Electricity consumption 180 KWH 250 KWH