Multifunctional Rice Milling Machine

Product HS code for import custom use: 84378000

Introduction and Description

This is a multi-functional rice-milling machine mainly consist of a milling device, a grinder, an electric motor and an installation frame. As the machine is run by a single power supply, during the exact use you could only run the machine separately, for example you cannot make milling and grinding in a same time.

  • Model
  • Weight
  • Packing size
  • Loading Quantity
  • Working capacity
  • Power supply requirement
  • 6NFZ-2.2C
  • 85 KG (including the motor weight)
  • 80×40×85 cm/carton + 40×24×27 cm/carton
  • 90 sets/20’FCL
  • Milling: min. 150 kg/h
  • Grinding: min. 120 kg/h
  • Min. 2.2 KW & 2800 rmp/min.
  1. Machine Metal frame
  2. Electric motor (can be changed to diesel engine)
  3. Exit of processed materials
  4. Grinder cap
  5. Grinder cover
  6. Grinding material entrance
  7. Milling material entrance
  8. Milling machine belt pulley
  9. Milling machine cap locker
  10. Milling machine cover
  11. Adjust screw system
  12. Fan
  13. Milling roller
  14. Milling knife
  15. Separator
  16. White rice outlet
  17. Selector of Milling function or Grinding function
  18. On floor signal
  • Electric Motor
  • Model YL-100L-2 (Induction motor)
  • 220V / 50Hz; 3.8 KW / 5.2 HP
  • Spindle Speed 2800rmp/min.
  • 1set / 20kgs /carton,
  • 40×24×27 cm/carton

Details of the Milling machine & the Grinder

Milling machine 6NFZ-2.2C Hammer grinder 9F26
Main use
  1. Directly crushing the paddy rice into white rice and separate the white rice, broken rice and rice bran automatically.
  2. Could be used for dry corn particles milling to have corn shell and corn grains separately.
It is named as “Crushing King” which can be used for processing materials in different form for example:
  1. Granules or flakes feed such as: rice husks, peanut shells, shell beans, blighted grain etc.
  2. Stalks-like animal feed such as: corn stalks, sorghum stalks, straw, peanut vine etc.
  3. Block rod feed such as: cassava, Candied Sweet Potato slices, oil bran cake etc.
  4. Staple food processing such as: wheat, sorghum, corn, rice etc.
  5. Other processing such as: herbs, foam, etc.
  6. Special features such as the beans, rice, corn pulping.
Working principle After coming into the Milling room through the milling materials entrance by screw propeller, the paddy rice becoming white rice through a strong crush and collision, and a combination effects such as a squeezing and collide with each other. By adjusting the quantity of milling materials inlet, the location of the milling knife and the exit gate pressure, the brightness and refined rice production can be easily controlled. After coming into the crushing chamber through Grinding entrance, the materials was hammered by high-speed hammer pieces and impacted with the fixed tooth plate during splashing inside the crushing chamber, step by step it becomes powder by friction and gradually crushing. The powder which smaller than the sieve will be sucked out by exhaust fan and sent to powder collector bag.
Spindle speed 2800 rmp/min. 5500 rmp/min.
Electric power requirement Min. 2.2KW Min. 2.2KW
Working capacity Min. 180 kgs/h Min. 150 kgs/h
White rice yield Min. 65% ---
Electricity consumption --- Max. 11KWh/t