Electric beak cutting machine

Product HS code for import custom use: 84362900

Introduction and Description

Beak trimming is an essential part of the modern poultry industry with its main advantages including:

  1. - Fundamentally preventing the occurrence of chicken pecking.
  2. - Reducing the feed wastage caused by chicken fighting.
  3. - Reduce chicken energy consumption.
  4. - Improving the breeding environment and increasing the feed using efficiency.

After chicken beak processing, the feed consumption rate could be 3% lower and the egg eating addiction rate will be much less during the Chicken laying period.

A suitable beak cutting could help the farmers to get the maximum producing rate while an inappropriate beak cutting or un-cutting might cause an undesirable growth of breeding chicks and laying hens.

Nowadays, the beak trimming technology has not yet caused major attention of farmers during the actual production, the higher mortality, the stunted growth, the poor uniformity and reduced egg production rate caused by improper beak cutting are bringing unnecessary economic losses to most of the farmers, thus the beak trimming quality improvement becomes a key point in Chicken feeding industry.

Technical Data

Voltage 220V (15% more or less)
Power capacity 220~250W
Beak cutting temperature 700~1000°C
Working capacity 750~900 chicks per hour
Beak cutting speed 0~4 seconds adjustable
Time preparation for cutting 30 seconds max.
Machine Dimensions 27×16×14 cm (L×W×H)
Weight NW/GW 7kgs/8kgs
Spare part Beak cutting knife × 2
Blade A (fix cutter) Blade B (heat cutter)