Egg Incubator and Hatcher

Product HS code for import custom use: 84362100


Incubator is a kind of electric incubator which can incubate the fertilized eggs and develop them into life in a certain time by artificial simulation of the hatching environment of oviparous animals. Through the intelligent chip digital control technology, it can make the stepless temperaure control and adjust the heating temperature automatically and make the machine in fully automatically running.


1. Running in high efficiency without noise, sound alarm and flashing alarm will be automatically switched on in case any emergency situation.

2. In case the incubator temperature is too high, the “high temperature alarm” will be activate and the cooling device will be automatically switched on.

3. Silent type egg turning system in compact structure is good equipped inside the incubating cabin to allow the egg turning smoothly and stably.

4. With internal reinforcement by iron angle, the machine is made in spray-coating steel shell and aluminum alloy corner edging, which is good for insulation properties.

5. With a complete set of automated ventilation system, the fresh air could be continuously fed into the machine for a clean incubating and hatching environment.

6. Durable use with easy installation and maintenance.

In the past 10 years, we have been insisting on scientific and technological innovation, with paying close attention to the hatching machine market trends and to concentrate on the actual using experience of our customers, we developed a number of more practical and more efficient models for the majority of users to improve their production and to enhance their using experience.

According to the machine internal structure, we group our machines into 3 sections:

1) For any model, the egg capacity is fixed but the egg loading quantity could be different due to different machine type:

  • 100% incubator
  • 100% hatcher
  • incubator & hatcher set
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  • Egg capacity = egg incubating quantity
  • Egg capacity = egg hatching quantity
  • Egg capacity = egg incubating quantity + hatching quantity


2) Unless specified, all the models we listed are 100% incubator with their incubating accessories.

3) All the machines are working in electricity voltage 160~240V, 50Hz. Temperature control ≤±0.1°C.

4) Full set accessories including main control system, egg candler, tank body, accessory equipment, incubator trays and hatcher baskets etc.

5) All the machines are well set-up and tested before container loading.

6) Unless specified, egg capacity means chicken eggs. For other eggs such as Duck egg, the loading quantity will be 20% less, for goose egg it will be 60% less. But for small size eggs, loading quantity might be 15% more than the chicken eggs.

7) All the incubating trays and hatching baskets from our supply are fit for all of our machine models.

8) Warranty: Microcomputer is in 3 years guarantee and others are in 1 year, but technical supports are always available.

9) To avoid probles and to guarantee a satisfied production, please always specify your production schedule when ordering "incubator and hatcher set" for all models, otherwise the different inner structure design might cause the difference of production rate.