Electric Poultry Epilator

Product HS code for import custom use: 84385000

Introduction and Description

Poultry Epilator is also named as Poultry feather removal machine, it is mainly used in Poultry slaughter e.g. chickens, ducks and geese for feather removal, also it can be used in cleaning ginger, potatoes, fish and other agricultural products with high efficiency skin remove.


  1. 1. Made by food-grade stainless steel, in advantage of safety and healthy.
  2. 2. Superior feather removal results for Chickens, ducks and geese, especially for those poultry rich with subcutaneous fat.
  3. 3. By electricity consumption of 1KWH, the machine could process 180~200 chicken in weight 1~2kgs of each, which is 10 times speed than manual feather remove.

After chicken beak processing, the feed consumption rate could be 3% lower and the egg eating addiction rate will be much less during the Chicken laying period.

A suitable beak cutting could help the farmers to get the maximum producing rate while an inappropriate beak cutting or un-cutting might cause an undesirable growth of breeding chicks and laying hens.

Nowadays, the beak trimming technology has not yet caused major attention of farmers during the actual production, the higher mortality, the stunted growth, the poor uniformity and reduced egg production rate caused by improper beak cutting are bringing unnecessary economic losses to most of the farmers, thus the beak trimming quality improvement becomes a key point in Chicken feeding industry.

Technical Data

Model EP-60
Material Stainless steel
Power capacity 1500W/220V
Spindle speed 180rmp/min
Working capacity 10kgs/min (about 140 chicken epilated in one hour)
Plume rate 90% and up
Size 580 × 580 × 910 mm
N.W. 61 kgs
Time preparation for cutting 30 seconds max.
Using tip Use the machine after scalding process.

Using guidance:

  1. Step 1: Scalding the poultry averagely by hot water in temperature about 70°C. The exact scalding time controlled by operation experience.
  2. Step 2: For chicken in weight 1~1.5kg of each, a batch of 7~8 chicken could be put in the epilating tank for feather removal.
  3. Step 3: During the epilating process the feather and impurities could be washed away by spraying water directly put into the epilating tank.
  4. Step 4: Epilating time is about one minute, you could take out the clean chicken after stopping the machine.