Poultry Vaccine Syringes

Product HS code for import custom use: 90183100

Introduction and Description

It is a new type of Poultry Vaccine Syringe which can be used in continuous syringe injection. With the advantages of easy handling, labor-saving, flexible operation and dose adjustment range, it is widely used in poultry, livestock vaccination and injection therapy class and become ideal injection equipment for poultry farms, ranches and veterinary.

Way of disinfection:

Put the Syringe (full with water inside) into boiled water for 10 minutes without touching the bottom of the pot. Then play out all the water inside the Syringe and keep it dry before using.

Way of Use:

1. Insert the aspiration needle and exhaust Needle separately into the liquid drug bottle, then put on the Catheter, the connector and the aspiration needle.

2. Adjust the rotating screw to set up the total injection volume between 1-5 ml (see the measurement on syringe) and sucking full the syringe with liquid drug before any injection. Then, adjusting the rotating screw again to set up the single injection volume and make sure the fastening cap is tightening, you can start.


Every time after using, please fill the Syringe with clean water and play it out for several times till the syringe body without any liquid drug or water, and keep it dry before storing in the packing box.


A. Aspiration needle
B. Catheter
C. Pipette
D. Tightening cap
E. Gasket, Spring and valve
F. Exhaust Needle


  1. 1. If the syringe was not used often, there might be a difficult drug absorption when you use it again. In this case, just check carefully the valve and gasket to make sure they are well departed, or clean it again.
  2. 2. After a long use, the syringe might have a small problem of slow return of the piston, in this case, just put some plant oil in cavity walls or "O"-rings to make it a better movement, or you can change a new "O"-ring.
  3. 3. Please make sure the syringe is in tightening of each fastening point and without any leakage problem during cleaning and or spare parts replacement.