Knapsack Pesticide Sprayer

Product HS code for import custom use: 84248100

Introduction and Description

Sprayer is a short name of spraying equipment, which usually consists of compressed air system, thin tubes and spray nozzle. By idle suction, the sprayer is a kind of tool to bring the medicine liquid into fogs and evenly spray into other appliances or objects. And, the "fog" we say is actually the water droplets.

Due to the special use of pesticide loading, the sprayer should be made in good quality polypropylene to enable itself a good sealing function and a durable using life in Acid-resistance, Alkali-resistance, wear-resistance and Corruption resistance functions.

Manual type (1 of 3 types)

Model 3WBS-18L
Material 100% new polypropylene made, with Stainless steel pumping pipe
Loading 18 L
Size Plastic tube 115 cm
Stretching nozzle 90 cm
Weight 3 kgs
Color Blue
Package dimension 390 × 200 × 510 mm


  1. 1. Liquid filling does not exceed the max. water level, as some space should be remained to keep the tank pressure.
  2. 2. Every time after using, please clean the sprayer very well, especially after spraying pesticides, disinfectants and other chemical liquids.
  3. 3. Please always keep the sprayer in cool and dry place if you stop using it.
  4. 4. All the products will be tested before delivery, hence it’s 100% normal if you see some water inside the tank.

Electric type (2 of 3 types)

Model EBS-16L EBS-20L
Material 100% new polypropylene made
Loading 16 L 20 L
Size 370 × 460 × 180 mm 380 × 480 × 190 mm
Weight 5 kgs/unit 9 kgs/unit
Battery capacity 12V8A
(for 10 tanks of liquid)
(for 15 tanks of liquid)
Spraying speed 3L /Min.     480000 Pa
Tube system Rubber tube 120cm
Retractable stainless steel spray bar 60-90cm

Gasoline type (3 of 3 types)

Model ZY767
Description 2-strokes gasoline engine, double cylinders high pressure plungers,
copper pump, copper sprayer, 26cc, 7500rpm/min.
Material 100% new polypropylene made
Power capacity 0.7 KW
Working pressure 1.5~2.5 MPa
Loading 25 L
Spraying speed 8 L/Min.
Size 420 × 350 × 655 mm
Weight 10.5 kg/unit
Color USD 115 /set EXW
Model ZY767
Description 4-strokes gasoline engine, double cylinders high pressure plungers,
copper pump, copper sprayer, 31cc, 7000rpm/min.
Material 100% new polypropylene made
Power capacity 0.9 KW
Working pressure 1.5~2.5 MPa
Loading 25 L
Spraying speed 8 L/Min.
Size 435 × 345 × 620 mm
Weight 12.5 kg/unit
Color USD 180 /set EXW

Note: Difference of Gasoline engine choice 2-strokes/4-strokes

2-strokes 4-strokes
Advantage Simple structure, Low maintenance costs, Good explosive force, Big tilt angle. High combustion efficiency, easy starting, stable operation, strong power.
Shortcoming Low combustion efficiency, With blue smoke emissions(because with oil combusted residues) Complex structure, Relatively difficult in maintenance, With tilt angle limit.

Main use:

  1. 1. Widely used in orchards, vegetable gardens, greenhouses and landscape planting mainly for prevention of pests and diseases of wheat, corn, cotton, soybeans, peanuts, rice, sugar cane and other crops, as well as flowers, vegetables, fruit trees.
  2. 2. For disinfection and sterilization in public places such as stations, terminals, schools etc., also could be used for poultry sheds and other places.
  3. 3. Could be used for urban green belts, parks and lawn spray coupled with trolley.

List of Accessories

A. High-strength high-pressure pipe 1.2M H. 3-hole spray gun extension bar
B. Pharmacy filters I. 3-hole spray gun handle
C. Bouchon du réservoir liquide J. Copper valve
D. Comfortable shoulder straps K. Stainless steel 3-hole spray gun
E. Using guidance L. 90CM straight spray gun in copper head
F. Spark plug removal tools M. 90CM Straight spray gun handle
G. Full set spare seals N. Mixed oil proportion pot

Using guidance:

  1. 1. Be sure to follow the principle of Medicine liquid preparation to put medicine first then water after, this is to increase the solubility of the medicine with water. Be sure the medicine liquid loading must not exceed the safe line in liquid tank.
  2. 2. In your 1st use of the sprayer, since there is still some clear water inside the pump and the spray rail, the sprayed fog of the initial two or three seconds should be in low medicine concentration, to avoid the reduced efficacy you need to spray again that area.
  3. 3. After working, the sprayer should be cleaned promptly by water and make it naturally dry, this is to avoid any unexpected pollution. Be sure there is no any residual liquid in pump chamber or spray nozzle, if yes, you should disassemble all the connectors and to clean them.
  4. 4. If the sprayer will not be used in a short term, the main components should be cleaned and dried and stored in a cool dry place. If the sprayer will be stopped for a long time, you need to have all the metal parts coated with butter to prevent rust.