25~100KW Electric-start Diesel Generator-set ☚

Product HS code for import custom use: 85023900


All models could be in choice of Open-Frame type or Silent type, available with or without auto-starting system.

Open frame type generator

Silent type Generator

Data sheet

Gen-set Genset Model YL-25 YL-30 YL-40 YL-50 YL-75 YL-100
Power Capacity(kva) prime 25 kw 30 kw 40 kw 50 kw 75 kw 100 kw
Rated Voltage Volt 230/400 V
Rated Current A 43.2 54.1 72 90.2 130 180
Rated Frequency Hz 50
Rated Speed RPM 1500
Power Factor / Phase Cosφ 1.0 Lagging / 3 phase
Cooling System Closed-cycle water cooling system
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) mm 1700×700×1200 1850×800×1200 2400×900×1500
N.W. kg 500 700 600 950 1250 1300
Noise(B) db Silent type < 80db ; Open frame type < 102db
Diesel Engine Engine Brand Weifang Huaxin
Engine Model K4100ZD R4105ZD R6105ZD
Bore × Stroke mm 100 × 115 105 × 125 105 × 130
Fuel tank In free cost for silent type but in extra cost for open-frame type
Fuel tank Capacity litre selected by customer, min.60L (60, 100, 120, 150, 200, 300, 500 & 1000)
Engine oil Capacity litre Min. 16 L
Engine Displacement litre 3.61 L 4.33 L 6.49 L
Fuel Consumption g/kw.h 215
Engine oile Consumption g/kw.h 0.5%
Rotating Speed RPM 1500
Starting Method By 12V batteries
Alternator Alternator Brand Chinese brand
Alternator Model STC-24 STC-30 STC-40 STC-50 TZH-75 TZH-100
Features Brush, self-excitation Brushless, self-excitation
Protection Grade IP 21 IP 22
Insulation Class Class H
Steady Voltage Regulation ≤ +/- 0.5%
Instant Voltage Regulation -15% ~ +20%
Voltage Fluctuation Rate ≤ +/- 0.5%
Steady Frequency Regulation ≤ +/- 0.5%
Instant Frequency Regulation -7% ~ +10%
Phase / Connection Type 3 phase 4 wire / Y type


  • 1) Strictly follow the Oil dipstick to add in engine oil with the oil gauge shall not exceed the upper limit or below the lower limit of the dipstick scale.
  • 2) Engine oil should be changed in the 1st time of 20 hours after new machine running, 2nd change will be 60 hours after and later, each 250 hours you need to change the engine oil.

You may find in each generator a steel data plate with information in Chinese, here comes the English information as below:


  • 1) Generator should be kept clean to avoid any dirt, water droplets, metal fragments or other debris intrusion;
  • 2) Generator MUST BE GOOD GROUNDED;
  • 3) Generator power output cable should be sufficient with enough cross-sectional area and good connected with the appliance;
  • 4) DO NOT run the generator at a overload situation;
  • 5) ALWAYS balance the phase loading level of triple phases;
  • 6) Rated output data on this plate is for THREE-PHASE generator ONLY, DO NOT use it as single-phase rated output;
  • 7) Check regularly the generator brush and lubrication of the bearing chamber to avoid unexpected abrasion;
  • 8) ALWAYS make the wire connecting in strict accordance with the wiring guidance.

Procedure of generator start up

  • 1) Disconnect the output air switch;
  • 2) Starting up the generator until the runner speed up to no-load level;
  • 3) Adjust the AVR (automatic voltage regulator) to prospective appliance voltage value;
  • 4) Connect the output air switch and then load the appliances into the generating system one by one;

Procedure of generator stop off

  • 1) Stop off all appliances to remove all electric loading;
  • 2) Disconnect the output air switch;
  • 3) Stop the generator.